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A Very Sexy Man

By June 6, 2012News

Photo: Daily Telegraph

You might have thought Boris would be busy this weekend – what with a load of boats chugging up the Thames for Ma’am’s Jubilee, and all.

However, the Mayor found time to head to the Hay Festival on Saturday where he made a surprise appearance on Sky Arts’ Book Show. “Bo-Jo,” said host Mariella Frostrup, “has certainly not lost his mojo”.

The Mayor waxed lyrically on the show about his love for the Rolling Stones – formed fifty years ago this year – and his admiration for Keith Richards. When pressed as to whether Bozza was a Mick or Keith man, he replied: “”Well, it’s a very delicate matter. I think… This is a very controversial thing to say… I think Keith is the higher genius, if only because Mick’s lyrics are quite often unintelligible.”

The Mayor featured on the show alongside Hilary Mantel and comedian Tim Minchin who, at one point, put his arm around the Mayor and stated: “He’s a very sexy man. And you wouldn’t have seen that coming.”  The pair then discussed the reasons for the enduring popularity of Roald Dahl’s work, with Minchin having co-written the musical version of Dahl’s Matilda.

“The kids are always the agents of change,” Minchin replied, “and their kindness was their weapon.” “It’s the savagery,” added Boris, “Augustus Gloop being squeezed through the tube…”

Minchin turned to face Boris and laughed: “Why is it that every time you speak I think you’re speaking in political metaphors?”

Boris didn’t miss a beat. “It’s the necessary constriction of the public finances.”

Minchin hit back: “If you’d just fed Augustus more chocolate he’d have righted himself!”

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