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Bloody cull

By May 31, 2012News

Reading today that Boris has presided over a ‘bloody cull’ had us a bit worried.  The last time we heard that phrase was when the council came round to remove the wasps from the roof of Boriswatch Towers, so we were eager to find out what pests the Mayor was targeting this time.

Sadly, it appears that there’s not going to be a cleansing of the capital’s urban fox population, or a call to arms to drive the squirrels to the city limits.  No, all that’s happened is that Bozza hasn’t renewed the contracts of some people who work for him.

The Evening Standard reports that the five advisors have been AXED while a Tory insider said: “It’s been VERY BLOODY. A few of them didn’t really see it coming so it really feels like a CULL.”

It turns out that Kulveer Ranger wants to go travelling and so isn’t staying as Director of Environment while (and this is hilarious) the Efficiencies Czar Nicholas Griffin has seen his role, er, efficiencied.

A spokesman for the Mayor said: “It’s part of the ongoing cost-cutting that Boris introduced four years ago. He is consistently trying to make the whole organisation more cost-effective and efficient.”

You say ‘efficiency savings’.  We say RUTHLESS ETHNIC AND SOCIAL CLEANSING*

(*We don’t, obviously.  Someone will, though.)

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