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12 point lead

By May 1, 2012News

With just a few days to go until the Mayoral election, things are looking bright for Boris. A Populus poll for the Times has showed him opening up a sizeable 12 point lead over his Labour rival and former mayor Ken Livingstone. The opinion poll showed Bozza on 56 per cent with Ken back on 44 per cent in the second round run-off.

This comes in a week where the Mayor has unleashed his second set of sweary language in as many weeks. We recently reported that Boris had gone nose to nose with Ken (literally) in a radio station lift, calling the former Mayor a ‘f***ing liar’. Now, there has been another incident of fruity language.

The Daily Mail reports that Bozza ‘lost his famous sense of humour after facing questions about attempts to secure commercial deals with News International while Scotland Yard was probing phone hacking by the company.’

Mr Johnson told the BBC: “I don’t know of any discussions going on about that but what I can tell you is that I think it’s right to work with the private sector to get contributions that will be for the benefit of London.” He then urged the BBC to concentrate on the money he has raised during his term of office from the private sector, rather than questions raised by BBC London political editor Tim Donovan.

He added: “I’m very proud that over the last four years we’ve got more than £100million in sponsorship that I’ve raised for this city: £50million for the bikes, £36million for the cable car.

“You’ve got to get this on the air! Come on, this is the most important thing. Stuff Donovan and his f****** b*******.”

The Mail reports that the swearing was broadcast on the BBC lunchtime news.

Senior Conservatives laughed off Bozza’s latest faux pas. ‘Every time Boris swears he gains three points in the polls,’ a No 10 source said…

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