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Sight for sore thighs

By April 24, 2012News

From the Chorley Guardian

It’s a couple of weeks to the Mayoral election. It’s an important political time with lots of big issues to tackle. Boris is also mired in controversy and facing a legal challenge over his decision to ban anti-gay adverts from buses. So why, you may ask, are we featuring a picture of a 19 year old Lancastrian who works in a Chorley boozer?

Well, Lewis Jolly who works at the Spinners Arms in Cowling, has had a portrait of Boris tattooed on his leg. Yes, you read that right. A teenager who has only ever been to London once thought it would be great to have a picture of a 47 year old politician permanently added to his thigh.

Lewis said: “I have been wanting to do this for about a year. I don’t really know why I did it but I just like him because he is a funny guy. He brings a smile to everyone’s face and the great thing is that he does not take things too seriously. That is how you should live your life.

“It cost me £180 but I think it looks amazing and really like him.”

The Chorley Guardian reports that the tattoo was done by Jay Abbott of Psycho Monkey in Market Street, Adlington. He said: “When Lewis came in a few months ago he mentioned he was contemplating it and I told him that I wanted to do it. I was buzzing just about the idea; I get a lot of requests for movie icons or family members. But it is one of the strangest that I have ever done.

Apparently, Bozza has expressed his approval, quipping : “I’m honoured by the artistic gesture, it’s a sight for sore thighs.”

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