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100 Days

By January 27, 2012News

With all the hoo-hah about building airports on land raised from the sea and the forthcoming Olympic Games, it’s easy to forget that Boris’ biggest moment in 2012 comes in just 100 days time.

London’s mayoral and Assembly elections are on May 3 with around 5.8 million people eligible to vote.  Once again, Bozza is up against his old nemesis Ken Livingstone, with a recent poll putting Ken two points ahead of Boris in the race to be Mayor.

If you’re interested in following the election and the issues involved, a new website has launched to provide information on the poll.

For the next three months, London Elects will inform Londoners about when and how they can vote as well as providing details of the areas of life affected by the work of London’s mayor and assembly members including planning, policing, transport and housing.

So, if you’re eligible to vote in the elections in 100 days time, you could change the way that your city will be governed over the next four years. A return to the days of Red Ken, or more Boris? You decide…

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  • richard says:

    Dear Boris,
    i am a fan of yours. I think that you really do have the interests of the young of london at heart ( at least i really hope so). What we have to remember is that we really must CARE what happens to the young of this area. If
    we choose not to invest in them, to invest in their future, then we can only expect to reap the rewards that that that miserly investiture should reap..
    The young of this area should receive the backing from everyone here who expects a change in their general approach to life; ie a respect for their community and a more important respect for themselves(above their gangs) without which, there would be no point trying to change. The young of this area just require HOPE that their chances of advancement and opportunities WILL improvve

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