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Celebrate the Royal Wedding…with a bus ticket

By April 20, 2011News

For weeks, we at Boriswatch HQ have been undecided about what we can buy to celebrate the happy event of the Royal Wedding.

A few of the team wanted to buy a full porcelain dinner service featuring the happy couple. I liked the idea of flags and mugs whereas others were keen on the official teddy bears wearing the Wills and Kate jumper.

So, it was a welcome relief this week when Boris came along with a limited edition item of merchandise which everyone in the office could agree on. Indeed, there is no better way of celebrating a once-in-a-generation Royal event than with….a tube ticket.

Bozza gushed: “Just as royal wedding fever starts to take hold in the city, this fantastic commemorative Oyster card is a great chance for Londoners and visitors to have a slice of the action as a fabulous memento of the happy day.”

I don’t know what people in bygone years were thinking. Commemorative Silver Jubilee plates and mugs? Charles and Diana tea towels? Pah. All we really wanted was a bus ticket to Holborn featuring the faces of the Royals.

Boris added that Wills and Kate might also want to invest in the TfL merch (although we at Boriswatch HQ thought they were arriving by carriage, not on the Circle Line): “I would also recommend the card to the happy couple as the cheapest, easiest way of getting around this city, especially as it bears their resemblance.”

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