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Illicit probing

By April 15, 2011News

The phone hacking scandal has been rumbling on for a while now and, as someone identified as a hackee, Boris decided to write about the ongoing revelations in this week’s Telegraph column.

“Oh come off it. This is starting to get silly. First it was the Royal family, then it was Gordon Brown and Sienna Miller. Now we are told that there are literally hundreds of people who have been bugged by the News of the World. It’s getting to the stage where it looks embarrassing for any self-respecting celebrity that they haven’t been taped or hacked or somehow illicitly probed by the gentlemen of the Screws.”

Good lord.

Anyway, Bozza believes that there should be sort of collective hacking amnesty. The Mayor said: “That is why we need a process of Truth and Reconciliation. It is time for every editor and every proprietor to appear before an inquiry and confess. Before it is dragged from them, they need to admit to all the bugging and hacking that they allowed – wittingly or unwittingly – in their organisations.”

Yes, let’s do that. I’d love to know if the Krankies and Duncan Norvelle have fallen victim to voicemail interception….

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