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Hasta la Vista, Bozza

By April 1, 2011News

The world is a weird and wonderful place, sometimes. Occasionally, things happen which are just so utterly bonkers that you just have to nod, smile and get on with your life.

For example, your eyes are not deceiving you when you look at the picture. That’s the Mayor – all smiley and blonde-mopped, riding a bicycle alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Apparently, the former Governor of California was in London for a gala event to celebrate the 80th birthday of former Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev. (Considering Arnie spent half his life singlehandedly defeating Russia in a series of ever more preposterous action movies, I’m not sure how he even got an invitation. Anyway.)

Boris and Arnie had ‘talks’ at City Hall, apparently, before hiring a couple of Boris Bikes for an afternoon of events around the capital, including a trip to the Tower of London and a quick visit to 2084 to meet freedom fighters from Mars [I think you’ll find that’s Total Recall – Boriswatch Film Ed].

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