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Goody Two Shoes

By January 19, 2011News

Boris and the Government have plenty of advisors.  With a multitude of different policy areas to consider, City Hall is awash with people advising the Mayor on everything from transport to toast (probably).

However, there is presumably always room for one more sane voice of reason to counsel Bozza on important issues.  And, that man could well be Adam Ant.

The ex-pop star has told the Sun this week that he believes he was what it takes to repair Broken Britain – and he wants to become an advisor to Boris and Dave.  So, his strategy for tackling youth problems in London?

Wall-E, dancing shoes, David Dimbleby and a track by a band called When I Was A Sperm.

[OK, OK.  Enough of this nonsense. Eh?  What do you mean ‘it’s absolutely true‘? – Boriswatch Ed]

“I’d like to help the Mayor and Prime Minister. I’d like to advise them on the kids out there who are getting a raw deal, you know? If I had my way, I would make everyone watch Wall-E. I would have all the kids out on the street, running around, howling, kicking each other.

“I would be quite happy to go into tough areas in the East End where they are shooting and knifing people and play them a few things to reach out to them.

“I have a track by a band called When I Was A Sperm – it’s a hard record, it’s an urban record. The kids need someone to come to them who they can respect, who can dance a bit. I mean, I knew Michael Jackson, Marivin Gaye and Diana Ross. These are people who they respect. And I’d love to have David Dimbleby as a referee, he’s wonderful.”

With those credentials and those mates – I mean, what 16 year old hoodie wouldn’t respond favourably to a pal of Diana Ross? – Boris should take up his offer at once, we reckon….

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