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Sun strike

By January 13, 2011News

Boris and Dave are cross. Indeed, they are so cross that they have written a joint letter to The Sun (exactly what we do at Boriswatch HQ when we are a bit worked up).

‘Why?’ you may ask, ‘are Bozza and Dave so angry?’

Well, apparently they have joined forces “to call for union members to overthrow their dinosaur bosses” (according to the Sun). It’s all because the bosses of unions Aslef and Unite have threatened to stage another one day strike…on the day of the Royal Wedding. And, the unions have also threatened to walk out and disrupt London’s Olympic Games in 2012.

The Independent reported that the PM and the Mayor accused unions of ‘cynical timing’ by threatening strikes during big national events. “The Royal Wedding and the Olympics present amazing opportunities for our country to show the world the best of British,” they wrote.

The pair really do seem to be quite cross. “Let’s call these threats what they are,” the letter says about the prospect of strikes during the Royal Wedding and the Olympics: “nothing more than headline grabbing to score political points”. And it continues to deliver a warning to union bosses: “you can try to drag this country back to the 1970s, to a time when militants held our country to ransom, but you will not succeed.”

In addition, Dave and Bozza called on moderate union members to rise up. “To those who think it doesn’t have to be this way, who are sick of the conflict and the confrontation, we say – make your voice heard and come forward. We need union leaders who are rooted in the modern world.”

Beware, union bosses. I don’t think you’ll like Dave and Boris when they’re angry….

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