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Wolfgang Amadeus Mayor-zart

By January 4, 2011News

Good old BBC.

To celebrate the New Year, BBC Radio 3 are having a season of special events to mark a genius with strange blonde hair and a talent for making people stand up and listen to his output.

Aaaah.  I didn’t know the BBC cared about the Mayor that much.  What a lovely way to begin 2011.

[Er, I think you’ll find that the season of events isn’t actually in Boris’ honour – Boriswatch Culture Editor]



It seems that the Genius of Mozart season is seeing classical buskers take to four London Underground stations to enchant commuters with music from the celebrated composer. If you’re passing through Bank, Liverpool Street, Canary Wharf or Waterloo, you might be met by Die Entführung aus dem Serail or some similar refrain.

The Mayor said: “There is no doubting Mozart’s prodigious talent, as this radio season attests. The familiarity of so much of his magnificent music may surprise some travellers, but what better way to brighten up the daily commute, especially on the first day back after the holidays? As another musical genius said it is truly ‘sweet sunshine’.”

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