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Merry (burp) Christmas

By December 24, 2010News


That’s the sound of the party horns being blown at Boriswatch HQ where our annual Christmas party has just entered the seventh hour.  Our legal advisor has already photocopied both buttocks (that’s what a litre of Harvey’s Bristol Cream will do, kids) whilst the nice lady who answers the telephones is chasing guests around the building wearing a mistletoe hat.

Anyway, to soundtrack our Christmas party this year we decided to put on the new album by MC Bozza J.  Having read a news story in This Is London about the Mayor and ‘rapping’ we rushed out to find this monumental chart release.

“My name is Bozza J/and I’m doing it for the city
That’s why I laid down this busting London ditty
I’m the man who introduced the thousands of bikes
But couldn’t stop the snow and the rubbish Tube strikes
I like hanging out of Facebook/why don’t you come and friend me
Just make sure you come to call/on a bus that isn’t bendy.”

[Er, I’m sorry to step in. I think our main writer has had one too many glasses of the nice Tawny Port that I brought in from home. I do apologise. What this article meant to consider was Boris’ views on Christmas wrapping. “Christmas provides a cracking opportunity to recycle a host of items rather than overload London’s waste bins”, the Mayor commented this week. I’ll send him home now and hopefully you’ll see an improvement in the New Year.

Merry Christmas! – Boriswatch Ed]

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