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Vast amounts of snow

By December 23, 2010News

We all know that Boris is a powerful man, and there are lots of things that full under his jurisdiction. However, one thing that (at least last time we checked) that he didn’t have control over was ‘the weather’. However, despite Boris not being directly responsible for the snowfall that has affected London over the last few days, that didn’t stop people having a pop.

This picture was published by the Daily Telegraph to show the horrific state of London’s Underground network just a few hours after Bozza had tweeted: “Vast amount of snow but tube and buses coping well. London open for Christmas shopping.â€?

(London’s Tube not coping all that well, it appears).

In addition, readers of the London Daily News also put the boot in over the snow. “I have not heard a word from our Mayor, he is a disgrace, the councils have failed again to grit and clear roads, why am I paying so much Council Tax if when I need help from council they are not there,” said Terry Donnelly of Kilburn. Navin Patel from Bounds Green commented: “I am so annoyed that we have failed again as London to keep the city moving, someone needs to get the boot, these jokers at City Hall or full of bull!”

70% of the newspaper’s readers reported that they were unsatisfied with the way in which London councils had responded to the snow. However, Bozza was defiant. “500 tonnes of grit scattered overnight. Challenging conditions here but doing our best to keep the city moving,” said the Mayor on Sunday (presumably ‘challenging conditions’ alludes to the snow and not the public response to the Council’s apparent lack of action….)

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