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Hole In The Ground

By November 22, 2010News

One of Boris’ long time bugbears has been the amount of roadworks on London’s roads.  And, with the launch of a new vote on his website, he’s having another crack at getting legislation passed to make it harder for utility companies to dig up the roads at will.

The Mayor has joined forced with business leaders and London Councils to call on the Government to urgently approve regulations that would mean utility companies could be charged a ‘lane rental’ for digging up London’s busiest roads at the busiest times.

Bozza said: “There we were, discussing this hole, hole in the ground, so big and sort of round it was.”

An unofficial Government source responded to these calls: “Well it’s not there now, the ground’s all flat, and beneath it is the bloke in the bowler hat. And that’s that.”

[Ahem – Boriswatch Ed]

“It is now imperative that the Government pulls out all the stops and tells Londoners when we will finally be able to bring in a system that works in their favour rather than in the advantage of the umpteen utilities that disrupt their journeys with a barrage of cones. I am convinced that the only way to sort out roadworks in London will be to excavate the pockets of the excavators. If the meter starts ticking when the drill starts digging we will soon see these companies devise more prudent methods of working,” said the Mayor.

I ask, what a liberty, eh? Nearly bashed him right in the bowler.

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