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Cut Price Wedding

By November 18, 2010News

It’s been a long while since we aired our bunting at Boriswatch Towers. So, we were delighted to hear this week of the impending Royal nuptials of Prince William and Kate (‘mother was a trolley dolly’) Middleton.

Described variously as a ‘commoner’ and ‘middle class’, the privately schooled daughter of millionaire parents with her own flat in Chelsea (!) will marry the second in line to the throne in 2011, shortly before moving to North Wales (perhaps a little seafront apartment in Rhyl?)

The biggest controversy that seems to surround this argument regards the lavishness of the wedding itself.  Many people want there to be a huge Charles and Diana-esque wedding ‘in order to cheer the country up’ (hold it on a Friday before a Bank Holiday weekend, and that will certainly cheer us all up).

However, others have called for restraint in these austere and frugal times in which we live.  And, Bozza was amongst this crowd, even appearing like a modern day Del Boy by trying to hire out his venue for a bag of used tenners and a couple of favours from Her Maj.

The Mayor said: “If they want a cut-price deal with a central London venue with a view of London landmarks, the ideal place would be City Hall. I’m not saying the wedding should be cut-price or bargain, but a cost-effective wedding in keeping with our cost-effective times.”

Wise words. We have a courtyard at the back of our office which, we understand, is also licensed for wedding ceremonies and so we’ve written to the Palace suggesting that. Whether they’d fit all their reception guests into our office or cater for them all in our tiny galley kitchen with an old Russell Hobbs and a dicky Breville sandwich toaster, we’re less sure.

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