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Boris to run in 2012

By September 12, 2010News

It’s the news we have all been waiting for.  As London’s big event in 2012 draws closer, there had been silence from City Hall about whether Bozza would even be participating at all in one of the most important competitions in the capital’s history.

But now it has been confirmed: Boris will run in 2012.

As yet the specific details of which of London’s Olympic disciplines the Mayor will compete in are unclear.  Insiders in the Mayor’s office believe that the former Henley MP will tackle the 100m and 200m, whereas the word from Bozza’s private office is that the Mayor prefers taking on the Kenyans in the 5000m.

[Er, I think you may have got your 2012 events muddled up – Boriswatch Ed]

Oh. Hang on.

No, it definitely says here in the Independent that Boris will run in 2012….ah. In the Mayoral Election, it appears. Johnson has put “on hold any plans to resume his career at Westminster and succeed David Cameron” by announcing he will stand for re-election in 2012.

Asked if he had ambitions to be Prime Minister, he said yesterday: “I’m more likely to be decapitated by a Frisbee or locked in a disused fridge. We have a very good Prime Minister. My job now is to negotiate with him and with the Chancellor the best possible deal for London.”


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