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Personality of the Year

By August 31, 2010News

Bozza is no stranger to winning the odd award.  And now, he has been shortlisted by business newspaper City A.M in the “Personality of the Year” category of their inaugural awards.

Described as ‘one of the biggest prizes at October’s City A.M. awards’, the Personality of the Year nominees have, according to City A.M., ‘showed their mettle over the past 12 months’.

The paper has this to say about Bozza’s nomination:

“Goodness knows, the City has needed a cheerleader in the corridors of power over the past couple of years. And just when he was called for, there he was – mop of blond hair flying, and bicycle shining. When all around him were calling for banker’s heads, Boris Johnson had the gumption to stick up for the capital’s engine-room, calling FSA head Adair Turner’s proposals for punitive taxes on the financial services ‘crackers’. At the start of the year he went to Brussels and spoke passionately against regulation that could have strangled hedge funds and private equity. At Davos, he told the world’s business elite that London’s free-market ethos trumps the Swiss quality of life any day.

“When bankers were public enemy number one, he risked unpopularity among the electorate – and the more populist wing of his own party – to stick up for them. In the face of opposition, he did what he thought was right. Bravo to that.”

Scrapping with the Mayor for the prestigious award are Bob Diamond, President of Barclays Capital; Paul Pindar, CEO of Capita; Willie Walsh, CEO of British Airways and Angela Knight, CEO of the British Bankers’ Association.

City A.M. say, “All five have shown nerve and toughness, and have contributed to keeping the City as the world’s financial centre. Long may they continue to do so.”

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  • angelneptunestar says:

    It’s good that it is being recognised that Boris has done a lot for the City. ps. I did some HTML, so I have quotes now on my front page, just wanted to share that with you. Not quite the total dope I used to be, a little bit better.

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