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Open House

By August 18, 2010News

Have you ever wanted to see the breakfast bar where Boris eats his Sugar Puffs?  Perhaps you’d like to see the bathroom mirror which the Mayor fails to use when brushing his hair of a morning?  Or, maybe you’d like to have a nose around the bedroom where he has allegedly brought [snip! That’s quite enough of that – Boriswatch Lawyer].

Well, now you can!

Open House London – the Capital’s largest architectural showcase – celebrates great design by encouraging buildings that aren’t usually open to the public to open their doors to Londoners completely for free. The idea is that Londoners can have a look inside stunning buildings which they don’t normally get to enjoy.

Bozza commented (as he was frantically dusting his living room), “Open House allows you to get up close and personal with some of the city’s most iconic buildings as well as its hidden gems.�

[Er, I’m not sure you’ve got this right. I think you will find that buildings such as The Dorchester are opening themselves up to the public. It’s not a free for all round at Boris’ gaff to poke around his back garden – Boriswatch Ed]

“The Dorchester, a grade II listed building featuring spectacular interior design from the last eight decades, will be providing a private tour behind-the-scenes of the hotel and its award winning restaurants and spa for 20 lucky people.”

Shame. I quite fancied a gander at Boris’ utility room…..

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