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Bad form

By August 13, 2010News

So, we all know that Red Ken is trying to get the Labour nomination to run for Mayor in 2012 and try and unseat the present incumbent – the Boris of Boriswatch fame.

And, I tell you what, Livingstone is going to fight dirty this time.

Do you know what the former Mayor has only gone and made an issue of to try and score some political points?  A form.

That’s right. A FORM.

I tell you what, “formgate” could blow the whole of London politics wide open.

You see, for any live concert or event at the moment, the police ask for a form to be filled in.  It asks for the musical genre, details of the artist that is playing, security details – that sort of thing.  The police believe that this risk assessment has actually significantly reduced trouble and violence at events, although Ken believes this form is WRONG.

The Mayoral candidate has made it his life’s work to SCRAP THE FORM, saying “Filling in a form never made anyone safe.” (Filling in the form that the police give you to take part in a witness protection programme would, presumably, make you safe, so I’m not sure that Ken is 100% correct there.)

Boris’ people say that there is currently a public consultation taking place surrounding culture in the capital. “As a committed supporter of live music in all its forms, it sets out his efforts to protect the capital’s unrivalled live music scene against unnecessary regulatory policies, as well as practical measures to increase opportunities for people to play and experience music.”

Well, whatever you think of it, it seems like the debate is going to run and run. But, once Ken gets rid of the form, what will be next? A spreadsheet? A planner? Hell – he might even campaign to get rid of a CHECKLIST!


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  • angelneptunestar says:

    Ha ha ha, Mr. Boriswatcher, Ken is definitely going to fight dirty. He can try! The last attempt made by unknown parties,seems to have flopped flat as a pancake, to the bemusement of Boris detractors. Iain Dale interviewed Oona King and big bad Ken on LBC radio this week. Oona was sweet, but awfully ditsey and vague and Ken, well, I zonked out after the first 15 minutes, no disrespect to Iain, but zzzzzzzzzzz!

    Ken’s Dinosaur rating, 10/1

    pps. really liked your idea of cutting down on Milibands. Can’t you suggest that to DC?

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