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Socially Savvy

By August 11, 2010News

In this digital age, it seems that it is more important than ever for politicians to engage with voters using the new social media tools such as Twitter and Fecebook.

A recent survey by the people over at Famecount has therefore tried to find the world’s most social media savvy politicians by looking at the number of their Facebook, YouTube and Twitter followers. You won’t be surprised that the Americans dominate the list with Barack Obama, Al Gore, John McCain and Arnold Schwarzenegger are the top four individual politicians (excluding, for example, the White House or Downing Street’s own pages).

But, I hear you cry, who is the UK’s #1 social media politician? It must be the PM or deputy PM, you may well think. But no! The UK’s top social media politician is our very own Boris (which is just as well, otherwise this piece wouldn’t have worked at all).

Bozza enters the global chart of politicians at number 28 based on his 64,995 Facebook fans and 88,927 Twitter followers. His nearest challenger is old Cleggy at number 39 before you have to drop a fair way down the list to find David WebCameron at number 64 and Labour spin merchant Alistair Campbell at number 65.

Website Beehive City‘s analysis of the figures is:

“It shows that being a ‘character’ with strong outspoken views is something that social networking fans respond to. Boris Johnson, George Galloway, Daniel Hannan and Nigel Farage all punch above their political weight in terms of their Internet followers, with more ’serious’ political figures being left by the wayside.”

Mind you, considering politicians from Venezuela, Chile and Australia appear in the list above Bozza, there is still work to be done by UK politicians to engage people using social media. Boris appears to have the right idea, though…..

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  • Colin says:

    Boris is a Twat why is the price of public transport going up by over 7% and the congestion chage for the west zone scraped?

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