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Sexy cycling

By July 26, 2010News

If there is one subject guaranteed to get Bozza to loosen his tongue and begin waxing lyrically, it is ‘the bicycle’.

Bozza loves cycling, and his commitment to turning London into a city of cyclists continues apace in the next few weeks with the launch of the Cycle Hire scheme, designed to generate an additional 40,000 extra cycle journeys in the city every day.

Boris told the Mail on Sunday, “Let’s be honest: bicycles are far sexier than cars. We have 6,000 hire bicycles in this scheme. These are beautiful machines we’re talking about, and each one comes complete with a cowcatcher where people can place their babies, briefcases or girlfriends. There’s no more heart-warming sight than an attractive lady cycling through the streets of London on a spring morning.

These are very sexy machines, the Rolls-Royces of power bikes, and we’ll be expecting people to treat them with respect. Plainly, we will treat bike thieves with the utmost severity. I’m looking at a very draconian policy. Bring back the stocks!”

The Mayor continued, “Unlike a car, a bicycle gives you a unique ability to master your fate. When riding a bike you are captain of your very soul. After a car journey you’re wrung out, frustrated, left with a knot of tension in your stomach from battling with the traffic. After a cycle ride you arrive at your destination in the pink of health, serotonin surging through your veins, full of ideas, bouncing with energy, thoroughly radiant in mood.”

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