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By June 1, 2010News

It’s like when England meet Germany in the World Cup, or when Doctor Who encounters the Daleks [Er, I’ve warned you before about this Doctor Who nonsense – Boriswatch Ed].

It’s that time when someone comes face to face with a feared opponent; their darkest, most dangerous nemesis. And, it could happen again for Bozza in 2012 as Ken Livingstone has this week launched his bid to be named Labour’s Mayoral candidate in 2012.

“Instead of wasteful projects, the obsession with academy schools, the zany floating airport in the Thames Estuary, we must concentrate on defending public services and holding down fares,” said Red Ken as he launched his bid in Croydon. Labour will choose their candidate for the 2012 Election in September, and the only other person do declare their candidacy so far has been ex-MP Oona King, who clearly has far too many vowels in her name to be taken seriously.

So, it could well be a battle royal between the two London Mayoral heavyweights in two years time.  Bring *that* on!

Ken was, of course, London Mayor between 2000 and 2008 before, according to the BBC, he was ‘ousted by Mr Johnson’. Ouch. Sounds nasty….

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  • angelneptunestar says:

    Ken launched his campaign with a total boo boo and it wasn’t pretty. He declared he would never take a writing job of £250K like Boris has. I think we can safely say that it is a decision he is never going to have to make.

    Ken having another crack at the Mayoralty is like Theo Walcott going for a World Cup place and it is going to end the same way.

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