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Did Someone Fall Off Their Chariot?

By May 31, 2010News

One of the Mayor’s initiatives since coming to office has been to give all City Hall staff three days a year where they don’t have to turn up for work. Instead, they are asked to undertake some voluntary work.

The Mayor took one of his days this week and headed to St Saviour’s and St Olave’s Secondary School in Southwark to teach a bit of Latin. Bozza spent half an hour teaching kids about the modes of transport used in Rome and some basic Latin. In a topical moment, he also explained the Latin derivation of the word ‘coalition’ (it is from ‘coalesco’ which means ‘growing together’) to the class.

Boris also called for business leaders to implement this volunteers initiative, before the Mayor committed the ultimate in classroom blunders, when he addressed the teacher, Miss Hollender, by her first name…

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