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By May 11, 2010News

It’s been an exciting morning at Boriswatch HQ.  We switched on the TV today and, apparently, there is a Hung Parliament!  I know!  None of the parties got enough seats to form a government on their own, apparently…..


Anyway, despite it having precious little to do with him, Bozza held an interesting meat-based conversation with Jeremy Paxman on the BBC this week where he described the hung parliament situation in, er, sausage terms.

BoJo told Paxo, “Whatever type of Wall’s sausage is contrived by this great experiment, the dominant ingredient has got to be Conservatism. The meat in the sausage has to be Conservative.”

When asked whether it was a ‘chipolata’ or a ‘Cumberland sausage’, Boris looked uneasy. “Enough of the gastronomic metaphor,â€? he said.

We also particularly liked the well-known Tory supporter who used their Twitter account to have a pop at David Cameron by saying “It’s all gone tits up. Call for Boris”.  Mind you, we then realised that the message was posted by the Mayor’s sister, Rachel, so it’s perhaps not quite as independent and impartial a view as it could be….

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