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Political role model

By May 3, 2010News

There’s a lovely interview with Boris this week in the Independent, as Rebecca Front, star of the BBC comedy The Thick Of It (and, as we find out, Bozza’s ‘political role model’) joins the Mayor as he campaigns on behalf of a local Conservative candidate.

It’s clear from the article that Boris is able to connect with a wide cross-section of the British public in a way that someone like Gordon Brown can only dream of.  From “a shifty-sounding conversation with a stall-holder about the best kind of tobacco for a shisha pipe” to introducing an Italian gentleman to a colleague because “he knows about parcheggio in Kensington”, Boris is clearly at ease in the company of both Front and the public.

And, as Front says, “Inside that Bertie Wooster exterior is a Jeeves-sized intellect….”


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