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By May 1, 2010News

It’s the second anniversary of Boris’ elevation to the position of Mayor of London this very day.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Boris is proud of his record. ‘His “recitation of triumphsâ€?, as he describes the official list of achievements drawn up by his office, includes the freeze in the London share of the council tax, the lowest murder rate since 1948, 75 notorious bendy-buses removed, 5,000 new street trees, more bobbies on the beat, and £2.4bn in cost cuts.’

As a man who has been prone to the odd political gaffe from time to time, Bozza also had some sympathy for Gordon Brown after the Gillian Duffy affair. “If we judged everybody by the stupid, unguarded things they blurt out to their nearest and dearest, then we wouldn’t ever get anywhere…..â€?

Anyway, Happy Anniversary, Boris – here’s to (at least) another two years.

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