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Winkle Balls

By April 27, 2010News

Considering his job is entirely London based these days, the Mayor doesn’t get out and about in the rest of the UK much.

However, as part of the Conservatives’ General Election campaign, Bozza has been in Leeds this week,where he wandered about a shopping centre and  pestered diners in a Nando’s restaurant by handing out Tory leaflets [I bet they tasted better than anything you get at Nandos – Boriswatch Ed]

As well as supporting the party’s local campaign, Boris also claimed that he was a Yorkshireman by descent. Apparently, his Turkish great-grandfather’s mother in law, Granny Johnson, was from somewhere in Yorkshire (although, to be fair, that’s a bit like us at Boriswatch HQ claiming we’re from Norfolk just because we had a bit of English mustard on a gammon steak, once.)

Speaking later, BoJo outlined his party’s determination to unseat the Schools Secretary Ed Balls and win the newly formed Morley and Outwood constituency. In a sentence so littered with double entendre it was deemed too rude for a Carry On film, the Mayor said, “”If we can winkle Balls out, then that would be great.”


  • angelneptunestar says:

    I’m trying to think of a joke from that famous quote from “Scarface”.

    When Al Pacino as gangster Tony Montana is on a roll, high on coke, in the face of anyone who gets in his way, killing people right and left and Frank tries to give him an order.

    Al Pacino (voice heavy with menace, long pauses…….)

    “Orders! Are you giving me orders? Is that what you are doing Frank? Amigo….. the only thing in this world….. that gives orders…… is Balls. You got that Frank? Have you got Balls Frank?”

    But I can’t think of anything.

  • angelneptunestar says:

    ps. re. your Carry On remarks, it’s my experience it is the quiet ones you have to watch. Nobody in their right mind could call our Mayor quiet. Like so many academics, he is obviously an innocent and probably believes that Sex and the City is a study of the Amish and the Mormons in Philadelphia.

  • raincoaster says:

    It might not be so great for Balls; sounds rather painful, in fact.

    Is Boris a noted winkle-picker? He must be very flexy.
    .-= raincoaster´s last blog ..Glee for Yu and Yu for Glee? =-.

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