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Boris and Cleggy singing from the same hymnsheet over immigration

By April 19, 2010News

"...don't blame it on the sunshine, don't blame it on the moonlight....."

After his performance at the first televised leader’s debate, the Conservatives have been forced to sit up and take note that Nick Clegg might actually be a serious threat to their chances in this General Election.

The Tory party strategy is, apparently, to expose some of the more ‘eccentric’ policies in the Liberal Democrat manifesto, including Clegg’s desire for an amnesty for illegal immigrants.

However, before they get too focused on attacking that policy, they should perhaps consider that it is also a suggestion that has been made by one Mr Boris Johnson.

In an interview with Channel 4 News in November 2008, Bozza said: “In principle these people have done the wrong thing: they’ve broken the law. In principle they should all be taken and sent back to their place of origin, that’s the right thing to do .. (but) unfortunately it is just not going to happen.

“How do you cope with people who have been here a long time, the huge numbers of people living here below the line, below the radar, not entering the economy, not able to play a full part in society?

“Should we have a mass programme of expulsions, because that hasn’t worked: it’s legally incredibly difficult, (and) it’s expensive for the state, or should we see if we can develop a sensible system of earned amnesty, so after a substantial period of time – and I would say more than five years – you can, in principle demonstrate your commitment to this society and to this economy. And you can earn your right to stay here.”

Clearly, Clegg’s people are aware of this, and a Lib Dem spokesman said this weekend. “In their desperation to turn round their campaign the Conservatives now appear to have started attacking their own leading politicians”.

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  • amandaanne says:

    Clegg looks like he is a member of a boy band in your picture, and I hear Kerry Katona is looking for a boyfriend. NC looks younger than the guys in Westlife.

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