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First Political Memory

By March 26, 2010News

A project run by the Young Foundation, First Political Memory “aims to reconnect people’s everyday lives with politics through collecting and sharing stories of when people first became aware of the bigger world around them.”

The First Political Memory website houses a collection of fascinating stories, hilarious anecdotes, and moving recollections of ordinary people as well as people in the public eye, from the United Kingdom and further afield.

Included on the site are recollections from both PM Gordon Brown and, of course, our own Boris. Whilst Gordo’s first political memory is of raising money with his brother for people in Africa at the age of 8, Bozza’s, typically, is much more entertaining. At the age of 10 (this would place it around the time of the IMF bail-out of the Labour Government in 1976) he painted a picture of the White Cliffs of Dover “complete with seagulls, buoys and drizzle. I pompously entitled this masterwork (in oils): England – home of the economic crisis”.

One Comment

  • Gordon Brown’s first political memory makes me want to barf. It had to be something like when the saintly Scots paragon, sacrificed his youth for the sake of the less fortunate, he gave and he gave and then he gave some more! Now the smarmy, preening war criminal has slunk back from the US to eulogise about Gordon’s leadership qualities. And we have months more of this to look forward to, will we be able to stop ourselves going insane at the hypocrisy of it all…..

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