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Mark Spitz

By March 25, 2010News

This week, London got its first new Olympic sized swimming pool in almost five decades.  Bozza was on hand to officially open the new Hillingdon Sports and Leisure Complex which also includes an outdoors 1930’s style lido and a state of the art gym.

The Mayor successfully managed to crowbar the name of the one swimmer he’s heard of into his comments. “This outstanding accessible sports complex is a real boost for everyone in the area whether you’re striving to be the next Mark Spitz or just trying to shift a few pounds and get a bit healthier before the sun arrives.”

When asked whether he wanted to test the new facilities out in person, Bozza was more reserved. “I can’t think of anything nicer than coming somewhere like this on bright Sunday afternoon and having a swim. Sadly, I don’t think people would take kindly to seeing me in my shorts.”

Oh, I don’t know. I think we’d pay good money to see BoJo in some funky surfwear, wouldn’t we…?

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