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On Her Majesty’s Secret (Tube) Service

By February 26, 2010News

As far as we can tell here at Boriswatch HQ, barely a week goes by without either a) newspapers claiming Boris is losing a deputy mayor or other staff member or b) there being an unholy row about Something To Do With Transport.

This week it’s b) again, after the Rail Maritime and Transport Union claims it has received a leaked document, entitled Minimum Staffing Levels, which it warned would lead to cuts in Tube station jobs.

RMT general secretary, Bob Crow, isn’t a happy bunny. “Despite all the election promises from London Mayor Boris Johnson that he would not cut back on operational staff and ticket offices, the truth of what is going on behind closed doors at LU and TfL is starting to emerge and it is clear that the cash-saving measures under discussion would devastate Tube safety.”

Crow continued (having watched too many James Bond espionage thrillers, I think), “RMT is committed to fighting these plans and we will continue to alert the London travelling public and Tube workers to the scale of the attack that is being cooked up for the capital’s transport system in secret meetings.”

Secret meetings? ‘Scale of the attack’? ‘Cooked up for the Capital’? I don’t think it’s the Mayor’s office we should be talking to, I think it’s MI5. Anyone seen anything strange going on at Piz Gloria….?

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  • angelneptunestar says:

    I note with interest your reference to Her Maj’s Secret Service. Who is that a signal to? The Silver Fox? Mr. Spunky?

    Forget that ,…….. for the moment. Bob Crow makes me hit the roof! He is the vampire bleeding London dry with his pay demands and macho, bully boy stance, “RMT is committed to fighting these plans…..” Sure! Because that is what his life is really all about, fighting, a rumble, and singing Do You Wanna Be in My Gang? the twerp.

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