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What Will We Put Our Medals In To Get Them Home?

By January 20, 2010News

The 2012 Olympics allows us a once in a generation chance to set targets and goals.  Inspired by the Olympic ideals we, and our children, can all pull in one direction to reach whatever challenges we set ourselves.  It’s a chance to really put the Great into Great Britain.

Boris knows this, and has this week set a huge challenge to all Londoners in time for the 2012 games.

We Are Going To Be A Plastic Bag Free City By 2012.

I know. Inspirational, isn’t it?

“If all U.K. shoppers cut out just one in five bags, it would save about 40,000 tons of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gases a year – equivalent to taking over 12,500 cars off the road for a year,” Bozza said. Shops are going to start offering more reusable bags and charge for standard plastic ones (I presume that means they won’t have their brand logo on the bag? I don’t see why I should pay to advertise a store by carrying their bag around…)

Apparently, we use an average of 220 plastic bags each, every year. So, why not let’s join together in this one common goal, link arms and say “Yes!” to the Mayor’s Olympic challenge. Sod the gold medals, eh?

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