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Brown, Brand, Sarkozy, Johnson, Clarkson

By January 4, 2010News

Well – on the face of it, Boris is in quite illustrious company.

Sadly, this is the list of GQ Magazine’s Worst Dressed Men which will be published this week.

PM Gordon Brown tops the list for being “anything but a prime example of British style” and will be disappointed to see Tory leader David Cameron come in at number Eight on the Best Dressed Man list. (Surely this is nonsense? We’re not claiming that Gordo is a sartorial genius but David Cameron always looks like a middle manager at an insurance company).

Boris was named the fourth Worst Dressed Man, just behind Nicolas Sarkozy (“Perhaps the French president should spend less time worrying about his stature and more time worrying about his style”) but just ahead of the Top Gear team. Well – he’s better dressed than James May, which is something, we suppose.

GQ said that Bozza was like “Charlie Chaplin… with a touch of Laurel and Hardy, more Hardy than Laurel.” For a man who starred on the cover of Elle magazine at the back end of 2009, this does seem a little harsh, especially when you consider that the World’s Best Dressed Man is, apparently, that fella off the Twilight movies with a face like a naan bread.


  • angela says:

    RPatz was number one! Unbelievable, he likes grunge. Beaten by a vampire geek, I don’t suppose Boris is losing any sleep over this. He has invented his own style, the through a hedge backwards look, so much more appealing than David Beckham, for example, who tries too hard.

    David Cameron made no. 8 on the Best Dressed List, hahahaha He is appealingly fresh faced and neat and tidy….. studiedly relaxed, he does look good, I must admit.

  • dave says:

    Hasn’t GQ anything better to do than to rate politicians on what they are wearing? As Boris said, it’s what politicians have between their ears that matters.

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