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A History Of The World

By November 26, 2009News

AugustusBozza has been asked to participate in a new Radio 4 series to be broadcast in 2010 which charts the one hundred objects that helped shape the course of human history.

Selected from the extensive collections of the British Museum, these one hundred objects will be presented in a landmark Radio 4 series tracing the history of the world from the origins of human life millions of years ago to the present day. There will be one hundred programmes, each lasting fifteen minutes and they will be broadcast in chronological order throughout 2010. It took the British Museum two years to whittle down its eight million artefacts to just one hundred items.

It is understood that the Mayor will talk about a bronze head of Augustus, the Roman emperor who ruled at the time of Christ (the fella in the picture above). Other items included are the Rosetta Stone, the famous Sutton Hoo helmet and more recent inventions, such as the credit card.

The first section of A History Of The World is scheduled to broadcast from January 18. It will air three times a day, firstly at 9.45am, before being repeated at 7.45pm and at 12.30am.

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