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“You are paid this elephantine sum by the taxpayer….”

By October 7, 2009October 12th, 2009News

For anyone who didn’t see it, there was a fantastic piece of Boris action on the BBC Newsnight programme yesterday evening.  The interview has landed the BBC in hot water over claims that they have doctored and edited the interview after Johnson repeatedly asked Paxman to reveal details of his BBC salary.

Bozza also quizzed Paxman about his time at Cambridge after facing a series of questions about the ‘high jinks’ that he and fellow Bullingdonian David Cameron got up to in their undergraduate days. It is alleged that the BBC also left out this part of the interview.

What was left was still terrific entertainment though as the two went toe to toe at the Tory party conference. Highly recommended, not just for the splendid new Boris Quote: “the blessed sponge of amnesia has wiped the slate of memory”…

Watch it until 12th October on BBC IPlayer (16min 30secs in)

Permanent Youtube video of the full interview:


  • raincoaster says:

    If the BBC actually pays more than the Torygraph, it’s probably because they have a minimum standard of “sanity.” By the way, if you want to know about the Torygraph’s latest columnest, Rachel Marsden, you could ask me. She was flirting with me for the longest time until she figured out I had ovaries. Upon which all of her exes started emailing me their “narrow escape” stories.

    Trust me, even if you don’t know what this means right at this moment, it’s worth following up.

  • raincoaster says:

    Also: I SO HATE people who hijack threads. God, how I loathe them, however juicy their relevations. Which they are. Trust me.

  • William Rego says:

    Boris would be upset that you have misquoted him. The phrase he used was so much better and so much more Boris – “The blessed sponge of amnesia has wiped the slate of memory”. From a big Boris fan

  • Chief Boriswatcher says:

    William – well spotted! Duly amended…

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