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Fete of the nation

By August 31, 2009News
"Whose hen do is this, again...?"

"Whose hen do is this, again...?"

The fate (pun intended) of the great British summer fair appears to have been saved after health and safety chiefs agreed to introduce a new set of guidelines for organisers. The ‘Save Our Fetes’ campaign, run by the Daily Express has been calling for clarification from health and safety bosses after excessive precautionary measures were threatening to kill the traditional summer fete.

Judith Hackitt, Health and Safety Executive chairwoman, said: “HSE agrees wholeheartedly with the sentiments behind the Save Our Fetes campaign. The campaign prompted us to offer this advice and we are very keen to help promote village fetes. Fetes are an important part of British community life and no one here wants to put a dampener on anyone’s fun. All that is needed is sensible and proportionate preparation, not excessive paperwork and precautions.�

The campaign to save the fete (which, by the way, is essential – how would we know otherwise who had the largest marrow?) was backed by several celebrities including Boris himself. According to the Daily Express “a number of influential names from the world of politics and showbusiness gave us their backing”. Whilst that may be true of a significant elected representative such as Bozza, the other A-list celebrities who supported the campaign were Dame Vera Lynn (142), Richard Hammond and Louisa Lytton (no, me neither).

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