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Saddle battle

By July 22, 2009News

New footage released to YouTube yesterday revealed the Mayor being ambushed by a group of female protestors over a delay in providing manifesto pledged funding for a series of rape crisis centres across London.

The protestors from the London Feminist Group stopped BoJo on his bicycle near City Hall and the mayor was forced to conduct an impromptu interview to defend his policy and the delay in allocating money promised in his election campaign over fourteen months ago.

To be fair to Bozza, despite being flustered by both the ambush and the howling wind (although it doesn’t take much of a breeze to ruffle the Johnson fringe) he kept remarkably calm and reaffirmed his commitment to opening several new centres in the capital before the end of his mayoral term.

“My hope is that when we have another three rape crisis centres, which we will, that you will give the credit to this administration because we put them in place and the last guy didn’t,” Boris confirmed…before pedalling away as fast as he could.

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  • Barry O'Connell says:

    Thank you kind Boris I just heard you plan to scrap 22 out of 45 upgrades to the undergound system for the disabled users like my self in wheelchairs. Thank you kind Boris would you like to spend a week in wheelchair and try and get around??? would you like to go from Liverpool Street Station to Putney and it will take you only a couple of hours by bus, as opposed to just a hour if I could by tube, would you like to travel from Liverpool Street Station to Charing Cross Hospital it only takes a hour and half as opposed forty five mintues if I could get tube???
    Like all of you who seek and enjoy power you promise us the moon you promise to listen to us you promise to make OUR world far more human yeah right like as ever

    your one big dam liar

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