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Peggy finally meets her match

By July 20, 2009News
Carry On Mayoring

Carry On Mayoring

Just when you thought Boris’ life couldn’t get any more bizarre, it has been revealed that the mayor is going to star in the BBC drama Eastenders this autumn.

Boris will take the role of Reggie Mitchell, the long-lost brother of famous Walford hard-men Phil and Grant in the popular early evening series [Er, are you sure? – Boriswatch Editor]

No, seriously, BoJo is starring as himself in the soap and will wander into the Queen Vic this autumn to be confronted by an angry Peggy Mitchell (is there any other sort?) when the two become embroiled in a fierce debate about local politics.

According to the BBC, “The scene will be in an episode showing Peggy, who recently became involved in local politics, enduring a frustrating time trying to track him down.” Bozza was delighted to appear on the ratings-topping drama, saying “EastEnders is a true London icon and I was delighted to highlight to its huge audience the part the mayoralty plays in the city’s rich tapestry.”

We at Boriswatch Towers are eagerly awaiting the episode – we like watching the old blonde, vivacious, bubbly,  Londoner with a habit of putting their foot in their mouth (and it’ll be good to see Barbara Windsor as well….)


  • angela says:

    What a hoot! With the Mayor’s sturdy defence of the capital, Peggy is bound to fall into his arms, whatever minor beef she is initially nursing. If Gordon set a foot in the Queen Vic. the Mitchell brothers would probably slap him around for his vile treatment of Londoners!

  • raincoaster says:

    Is that Boris on the left? I thought he was taller.

  • Neil says:

    Hold on, isn’t this the point at where we’re supposed to bitch about BBC impartiality, as per Baron Sugar?

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