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Boris as a blueprint for Britain

By July 18, 2009News
What's that, you say?  Change something?  Yes, sir!

What's that, you say? Change something? Yes, sir!

With a general election on the horizon, it would be fair to say that the Tories could have been a little more pleased with Boris’ tenure as mayor thus far.  Many Conservatives were hoping to point to BoJo’s mayorship as an example of the success of a Tory administration but accusations of Bozza being a “do-nothing” politician refuse to go away.

Sir Simon Milton, Boris’ “chief of staff” (since when have we been using American political monikers for our civil servants?) made a sterling and impassioned defence of Boris’ record this week, savaging sceptics that think the mayor has done nothing of note since coming to office.

“Boris’s detractors acknowledge that he has delivered the vast majority of commitments he made during the election” Milton claimed, adding “From banning alcohol on the tube to listening to west Londoners about the extended congestion charge zone to freezing the council tax for the first time in the GLA’s history, Boris has delivered.”

Whilst it is acknowledged that BoJo has yet to really spell out his vision for London, Milton is confident that the mayor’s performance will help, not hinder the Conservative’s general election campaign. “There is, and will be, plenty for David Cameron to point to and say: ‘See what a difference a Conservative can make….”

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