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Boris at the Book Fair

By April 26, 2009News

As all you literary bods are surely aware, this week — specifically the 22nd of April — played host to the London Book Fair. This is typically a big deal for the publishing world, and as such they hire big names to give the occasional speech. You guessed it: Boris was there, and in full swing. Here’s the video of his performance.

It’s not often that you get to take a look at Boris in full rhetorical swing, so spend ten minutes listening to him wax lyrical about books and the like. The best bit, for those who don’t feel like sitting through the whole thing? Boris stating that his favourite mayor in literature is the man in charge of Amity Island in Peter Benchley’s Jaws — the selfsame mayor who said that everything was OK even as body parts were washing up on the beach — and highlighting the lessons we can learn from that. Genius.

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