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The Ghost of Mayor Ken returns

By March 19, 2009Mayor, News

boris-ken-415x275The thrashing of Ken at the Mayoral election was a joy to behold. And it looks like we’re going to get another showing – Ken has announced that he will run for Mayor in 2012!

Boriswatch is fairly confident that he will have a tough fight on his hands – recently, Sir Alan Sugar was touted as another potential contender. This is shaping up to be  a hell of a tussle – may that best blond-haired man win!


  • angela says:

    Ken reminds me of the soldier in the Joseph Conrad story THE DUELLIST, who pursued another solider to fight endless duels throughout the Napoleonic Wars. He didn’t really have a reason, except he didn’t like the other guy’s face.

    He is also like one of protagonists in the film HIGHLANDER, who pursues an enemy to fight with him. in idfferent incarnations through the centuries. They are locked in endless mortal combat. For Boris’s sake, I hope the knockout punch is in this lifetime…….

    Sir Alan’s favourite phrases are “I don’t like schmoozers”, “Get out!” “Shut it” “Don’t talk while I’m talking” and “You’re fired”. How is this going to go down with the London Assembly?

  • dave says:

    Can’t Ken give it a rest for goodness sakes? He is the only man in London who thinks he has a prayer, and is just lining himself up for further humiliation. The loss of the Mayoralty was one thing that wasn’t Gordon Brown’s fault.

  • Andriana says:

    It would be understandable if Boris was beginning to be a bit freaked out at Ken’s assiduous attentions and constant dogging of his footsteps. He must feel he can’t set a foot outside his own front door without Ken rearing up from behind a hedge somewhere. In the US they take out restraining orders if anyone dodgy gets within fifty feet of Kevin Bacon.

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