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Boris the Nincompoop

By November 25, 2008December 5th, 2008News

Boris’s plans to see if it would be viable to allow thousands of UK immigrants to earn the right to stay in Britain (first touted during his run for mayor) has been one of his more controversial policies — as shown by this article in (surprise, surprise) the Daily Mail –but now the Immigration Minister has decided to speak out, branding Bojo a ‘naive nincompoop’ for even considering the idea. Phil Woolas has recently restarted the backlash against this idea, stating that:

‘I have always thought that Boris was a bit of a nincompoop and these proposals are naive in the extreme.’

Now, hold on a second, there. It might be a controversial idea, but Boris isn’t talking about opening the floodgates and allowing the unwashed masses of the continent through our borders. He’s ordered a study. That means he wants to know more about the issue, not that he’s planning on rushing it through into legislation. Maybe the Government will be proved right, and the new rules would singlehandedly collapse the economy… but equally, maybe not. Either way, it certainly seems better to be making an informed decision, even if (in this case) it means Boris breaking ranks with the party line a little.

Whether you believe in the cause or not, surely idle namecalling is a pointless waste of time from the Immigration Minister? Shouldn’t it be his job to sort out these studies and make sure he’s as well-informed as possible, before disparaging ideas for their infeasibility? What do you make of the Minister’s response?


  • Tracey says:

    A very childish and immature man

  • Snooks says:

    Allowing Illegal immigrants to stay if they pass certain criteria…an idea worthy of a country as great as ours and at least worth considering. Although it might be a radical idea to some, it should be reviewed as just one of the solutions to the thousands of refugees who have come to our shores, who work to escape life threatening or life limiting lives in their own country. I cant imagine what it would be like if we assumed that all “illegal” migrants were work-shy slackers and had nothing to contribute to this society. Just look at the number of migrants without permits that they keep finding earning pitifully low wages and working shamefully long hours just so that they can live unsupported by the state. Most migrants come here from places where it is shameful not to work and support yourself, so they do jobs that WE wouldn’t. Boris…please continue to challenge some of Great Britain’s views on these people who, for the most part, deserve our compassion not our scorn.

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