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Labour gets knickers in twist over Lewis

By July 5, 2008News

Hazel Blears hasn’t half come out fighting over the resignation of Ray Lewis.
People across the country,” she says, tremulous with excitement at the first non-Labour political downer for months, “will note that after just two months, the new Tory administration in London is in complete disarray. David Cameron has known Ray Lewis since his first day as Tory leader and Boris Johnson appointed him as deputy mayor days into the job.
People will ask themselves: how have they allowed themselves to be embroiled in a mess like this?

Bless her, and her whiter-than-white cotton socks. People across the country, you say? I doubt many outside London give the foggiest. Disarray, you say? She’s spent months saying that Labour aren’t in disarray despite their myriad problems, and now proclaims the entire Boris administration is in tatters.
The truth is that Labour are plainly happy for the spotlight to be on someone else for the first time in months. They also seems to have forgotten that their defeated candidate, Ken Livingstone, rates Ray Lewis as “imaginative” and regrets not poaching him…

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