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Boriswatch spawns imitators

By May 9, 2008News

Rolling on...
Boriswatch first settled itself down on a cold winter’s day in December 2003. It’s been riding a crest of Boris-based fervour ever since, and I’ve been very proud of its achievements, many of which I’ve detailed before. In the last 7 days, Boriswatch has had 70,000 hits, and that’s something of a record.

But, suddenly, there are new kids on the block. As soon as Boris won the mayorship, all sorts of sites have popped up purporting to be Watching Boris. In an effort to spread the love, here are a few that I’ve found. Of course, I need hardly point out that Boriswatch is the original… and dare I say the best?!

1. Evening Standard: Mayor. Now being linked to internally on their site as BorisWatch, this is as comprehensive as you will get on Mayor Boris’s rise. Although there’s so much stuff to look at it’s hard to pick out the truly newsworthy from the merely perfunctory…

2. Yes, I’m kicking myself. If I was any sort of webmaster I’d have bought long ago and stopped the new owner attempting to take over the webwaves. “An attempt,” it says, “to enhance the accountability of the new London mayoralty.” Admirable task – shame about the name!

3. Boriswatchers. This, my friends, is as far away from friendly as you can get. Every post has a negative vibe, and the Labourhome t-shirt on the right hand side seals the deal – this is not so much watching Boris as rampantly opposing Boris. 1.2 million Londoners can’t be wrong, now, can they?

4. Bozzawatch. With all the possible combinations of “boris” and “watch” now taken, Bozzawatch dug deep – and used his nickname instead. This site seems more balanced – although the slightly dodgy “favourite sites” keeps me slightly suspicious as to the motives.

5. We’re Watching You Boris So Don’t Screw This Up. A hell of a title, but this site is plainly in its infancy. Still, I’m sure they’ll be more…


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