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Boris – what the Sunday papers are saying…

By May 4, 2008Mayor, News

Now that Boris is top of the political agenda for journalists of all persuasions, Boriswatch takes a look at what the broadsheets are saying about the new Mayor of London.

Tory paper, the Sunday Telegraph, disscusses (predictably) the wider implications of Boris taking London in terms of national politics. The article quote Boris hinting that tackling crime on public transport will be his number one priority. Bozza’s exact words were “I’ve been elected on a clear manifesto to clear up crime, particularly on the places for which the Mayor is directly responsible, on public transport.” Plans apparently include stopping people drinking cans of Stella (and I’m a regular offender here – so I’ll stop doing it immediately Boris – I promise) on the Underground and putting PCSO’s on tubes.

In the Labour-leaning Obersver, Jo Revill, talks of Bozza’s first 100 days as being a “baptism of fire” and speculates that Boris is consulting Bob Diamond, of Barclays Capital, to head up a new ‘Mayor’s Fund for London’ to spend on community projects. Watch those bankers now Boris, don’t let them palm off any of those dodgy American mortgages on you!

Simon Jenkins devotes his Sunday Times column to matters Boris, pointing out that Blair made the job ‘Livingstone-proof’ – keeping central government control over a number of areas that are of interest to Londoners and the incoming Mayor. Will Jacqui Smith clash with Bozza over his plans to tackle crime in London? Police throughout the UK work in accordance with Home Office policy such as the National Intelligence Model. Boris will need to get Police Chiefs on side if he is to make the Met prioritize on the delivery of his manifesto pledges. Will he have what it takes?

Finally, John Rentoul of the Independent on Sunday, takes a slightly comical look at what a defeated David Cameron might be saying in 2012. “It was all Boris’s fault” he quotes an imaginary Dave C as saying to his missus. It’s all a bit of a wet dream if you ask me, but amusing all the same.

Happy Boriswatching!

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