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Berry’s Bizarre outburst: “Boris hates you all and wants to destroy your city”

By March 22, 2008News

Out of the current crop of minor parties in British politics, the Greens stand out as one of the more mature plantations. However whilst UKIP have had some success in Euro elections, and even Respect have an MP, Sian Berry is still dragging her sandals, polling just three per cent of the popular vote in London.

As Ken [officially] launched his Mayoral Campaign, making a second preference pact with Ms Berry, she took to the stage, showering the audience with her youthful good looks she unfortunately proceeded to open her mouth. This is what came out:

“Boris Johnson has real contempt for Londoners. He hates that we celebrate each other’s heritage; he hates that we try to pass on a healthy environment to our children; he hates that we look after our most vulnerable neighbours; and most of all he hates that we all expect to share in our city’s financial success. And if he’s elected he will do his best to destroy all of that” (Source:

According to wikipedia, Oxford educated Ms Berry is a veteran campaigner who spearheaded the “Alliance Against Urban 4×4’s” and more recently set up “Census Alert”.

The former is a group of busybodies who go around Hampstead plastering people’s cars with fake parking tickets. After not far off vandalising residents’ cars in Hampstead and Highgate for a few years, Ms Berry was stupid enough to then try and get elected as their MP in 2005. Needless to say she lost miserably, polling 5.3% of the vote in an election where there was widespread protest voting on the Iraq issue.

Her latest venture, ‘Census Alert’ is an organisation that campaigns against Lockheed Martin being awarded the contract for the 2011 UK Census, on the grounds that they are also a defence contractor. Their website includes factually incorrect information, such as insinuating that the Lockheed Martin F-22 ‘Raptor’ was used in the ‘Shock and Awe’ bombing of Iraq in 2003, when in fact it only came into active service in December 2005, and is primarily an air superiority fighter, not a bomber.

Now that MS Berry has turned her dimwitted attentions to this feeble attempt at persuading Londoners that Boris hates them all, hopefully the result will be that the three per cent of Londoners that fancied her enough to give her their first preference will now decide to look elsewhere.

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