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Can Trams Help Shunt Boris Home?

By February 4, 2008Mayor, News

Undeterred by the usual motley mob of media mudslingers, Boris has gotten serious on policy, hinting at the possible return of the time-tested trusty tram to the streets of the capital.   In an interview with in Sutton, South London, Boris bashed out the fruits of his brillant brainstorming, signalling his intentions to connect the citizens of Croydon and Kingston-Upon-Thames, with a splendid shiny new tramlink being one option on the table. 

Boris reasoned (and quite reasonably too we might add) “There is an economic powerhouse in south London and I think we could improve life for people if we could get them moving west to east and east to west more easily.”  Good point Bozza!  Why should one have to zig-zag across South London on buses, or indeed catch tubes and trains via the centre, when all one wants to do is nip a few miles over to Kingston on a sunny Sunday afternoon, drink a few cold pints by the river and watch the boats go by?

 With stonking schemes like this up his sleeve he surely can’t lose.

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