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News Roundup 1 – Henley, burgers and more

By November 20, 2007November 24th, 2007News

So, when Boriswatch has been away, the Boris news keeps flowing. Since Boris’s hike up the Mayoral slope, news comes think and fast about the man – much of it unremarkable. Here’s a brief summary of the more eye-catching points:

Boris Johnson may fight to stay on as an MP, says The Telegraph, leading to claims of “Two Jobs Johnson“. Depending on which way you’re leaning, this revelation can either be seen as a show of loyalty or a sign of wavering commitment to the Mayoral job. Boriswatch has both feet firmly in the first camp, obviously.
– It turns out that Boris can rely on free meals from Gourmet Burger Kitchen – but Ken not so much.
– ConservativeHome, the large-and-still-growing Tory blog, asks Boris a few questions about his mayoral ambitions.
– DigitalSpy reports that Boris came 13th in a poll to find the wittiest people in history. THIRTEENTH?!
– “British Political Analysis” unearths a stunningly comic picture of a scowling Boris above some heavy traffic.

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