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The Mayoral Storm – Part 2

By September 7, 2007September 10th, 2007News

“Storm” may be a little overdoing it, I suppose – but there’s no doubt that Boris-based news has multiplied in the last few weeks. Here’s a brief Boriswatch overview of the key points:
– A thoroughly interesting post on highlights the recent “bribe” of cheap transport for Londoners and Ken’s links to Hugo Chavez, oil magnate and all-round shady guy. Boriswatch is enlightened.
– Brian Paddick has entered the race for London Mayor for the Liberal Democrats. For Boris supporters, that can only be a good thing – as he’s a relatively well-known figure thanks to his pants episode and being openly gay, it may split Ken Livingstone’s vote, leaving Boris relatively unscathed.
– Indeed, Boris hits back at the Compass onslaught in the Pink News, of all places. Perhaps to stave off any possible threat from Paddick…
– Meanwhile, it seems that even Boris’s opponents are worried about the Compass fallout. Bloggers4Labour note that the “negatives” that Compass list about Boris may even entice voters to him
– Even German and French reporters are excited by the prospect of Mayor Boris, as reported in Süddeutsche Zeitung.
– The Independent’s James Daley hails the prospect of Mayor Boris with his cycling credentials – although notes that whoever wins it’ll be good for the continually building cycling infrastructure in London.
– The Guardian reports that, despite its best efforts with Doreen and Compass, Boris is the runaway favourite to be the Tory candidate for London Mayor, with a whopping 70% of the vote!
– Still, not everyone’s enamoured. Taking an interesting angle, one blogger asks, “Who is worse – Ken of Boris“, highlighting many of the things Compass have taken out of context. “Out of Compass, Out of Context”! That should be their slogan…
– Despite the growing mayoral pressures, Boris isn’t neglecting his other duties. He was spotted sans bike on a Memory Walk to raise money for Alzheimers sufferers.
– He also, bizarrely, was at the launch of a rocket in Scotland. Who knew.

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