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How Boris quotes were spun

By September 3, 2007News


  • G. Behar says:

    Is it true that Boris wants to restore routemaster buses? I am appalled at the idea and it would prevent me for voting for him. I had a very bad accident as a result of one driving off while I was boarding (despite the shouts of other passengers). Notwithstanding the Evening Standard campaign, it is a good thing that they have been withdrawn. I know many, many people who think likewise. Yours, GB.

  • Trish says:

    Boris wants to get rid of routemaster buses. He’s a cyclist so knows what they do to people on two wheels. BORIS FOR MAYOR!!

  • raincoaster says:

    He wants the bendy buses banned, and he wants to develop something at least as iconic and efficient as the Routemaster, which he acknowledges has to be off the roads by 2017 because of EU law anyway. You can see his challenge to designers to come up with something as good; it’s in the 18 Doughty Street interview.

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